• Printed Scarves & Stoles

We manufacture and export different type of hand print stole, such as Screen Print (Serigraphy), Free Hand Print,Block Print, Gradation Dye etc.Our Hand print stoles and scarves are niche in international market. We make the print stole and scarves on different type of Fabric such as Silk, Silk Cotton, Silk Wool, Pure Wool, Cotton, Viscose etc.


Screen Print Scarves Screen print is also known as serigraphy, is method of tracing design on fabric by pressing ink on through the screen.We make the various designs such as Indian traditional Paisley designs, geometrical designs, floral designs, Modern Designs with the use of maximum number of colors through manual screen printing.For Screen Print Scarves and Stole, we have our own designs, develop and process on buyer designs and color requirement.


Free Hand Print is done manually by artists without any machine or screen, The artists designs the the stole free hand which gives the artistic and exclusive look to Scarves and Stoles.The designs are basically geometrical, Modern and Floral designs.


Block Printing too is manual process of printing, through wood block. Designs are carved on the Wool Blocks and later colors are applied on blocks to stamp the designs on fabric.Later on fasting of colors are done through natural process. The designs made by blocks are very ethinic and in great demand. Floral, Paisley, Animal Figures are main conceptual designs of Block Print.


Gradation Dye is process of dying the cloth to make it look artistic. Dip and Dye, Marvel Dye, Sponge Dye are some of the method for Gradation Dye.


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