IN-SOURCE CO. is company termed for INDIAN SOURCING COMPANY. We are Manufacturer, Exporter of Fabric, Stoles,Scarves, Wrap, Shawl, Fashion Accessories and also act as a Sourcing agent for the Indian Goods.We are manufacturer and Exporter of hand Embroidered Stole, Scarves, Shawl, Wrap and Fabric. We manufacture hand woven, Hand Printed Fabric and Stole, Scarves, as per the  fashion trend.

We manufacture our fashion accessories such as Stole, Scarves, Shawls, Art Jewelery, Bags by the brand name of KA-MI-KA.
KA-MI-KA is the brand name given by the IN-SOURCE CO. The name KA-MI-KA is Sanskrit word which means “Someone who is desired by others”.

Our hand crafted products are always in demand in fashion industry.
Our inline production are as –
Hand Embroidered Stole, Scarves, Shawl, Wrap
Hand Woven Stole, Scarves, Shawl and Wrap.
Hand Printed Stole Scarves Shawl and Wrap
Embroidered Badges, Motifs and Buttons.
Hand Woven, Jacquard, Embroidered Fabric.

Hand Embroidered Stole, Scarves, Shawl, Wrap are in great demand from our buyers. We manufacture over own conceptual traditional and trendy designs and on OEM as per buyers specification.

Our Hand Embroidery includes Aari Embroidery, Zardozi Embroidery, Chikankari Embroidery, Katha Embroidery, and mixture of traditional and modern embroidery on various fabric such as Cotton, Silk Wool, Silk, Linen, Wool Jacquard, Viscose etc.

Hand Weaving is traditional technique of weaving in India. We make various Hand Woven Fabric, Stole, scarves, Wrap on different fabric.
Our Hand Woven Stole and scarves are made by Silk, Silk Cotton, Silk Wool, Linen, Silk and Metal Thread, Cotton and Metal Thread etc.
We manufacture Hand Woven stole on OEM as per client specification.
Product related to it are Stole, scarves, Shawl, Wrap, Organza Silk, Organza Cut-work, Cotton Cut-work, Cotton Metallic Thread etc.

Printed Stole, Scarves, Shawl and Fabric, we manufacture hand printed stole by screen, Wood Block, Gradation Dye, Free Hand Printing.
Our designs included Geometrical, Floral, Paisley, Damask, and images. We develop and manufacture as per client specification.
We print on Wool, Silk Wool, Silk Cotton, Cotton, Silk, Viscose etc.

Embroidered Badges, Motifs and Buttons are in great demand in Fashion Industry.
Hand Embroidered Badges are made by metal thread, which are used as fashion accessories and even in uniforms.
Motifs are another add on features to the Hi-Fashion garments which make the cloths trendy and traditional.
Hand Embroidered button are made by Gold, Silver or Dyed metallic thread, the art of embroidery is well knows as Zardozi.